LOVE Acupuncture


“When I came to see Lisa I had severe low back pain. I had been diagnosed with arthritis in my back, cracked vertebra that has shifted over another vertebra and is rubbing into a herniated disc. After my first treatment with Lisa I walked away pain free.”

Bobbi Hethorn


“I had a serious back operation six months ago. I then needed a second operation a few months later. I was in a lot of pain and had trouble getting out of bed and standing up. The acupuncture treatment I received from Lisa relieved the pain greatly and now I can walk without any problem and only have slight lower back pain. Lisa was very professional and I highly recommend her acupuncture treatments.”

Ellen  E.

“Lisa is absolutely amazing. She took great care and precision with my treatments. She is warm, caring, knowledgeable, and unendingly patient.”

Shane Niemela

“Lisa is an outstanding acupuncturist. She is very friendly and just plain good at what she does.”

Kenneth Kleine

“Each of my three treatments with Lisa were very specific to what I needed at the time. I felt more energy, and clarity, and my backache was gone! Just a few treatments of acupuncture relieved years of suffering I had been going through. I wish I had not been so reluctant to try this in the past. It would have saved me a lot of pain and money.”

Amy Forrest

“I had sinus problems for many years. While visiting Los Angeles I tried an acupuncture treatment with Lisa I was amazed how much better I felt after one session. I wished Lisa lived in my area.”

Jack Radacoero

“Lisa is a very compassionate person and excellent with the acupuncture needles. She has helped relieve much of the back pain and knee problems I’ve had for years.”

Lana Browne